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Welcome to OUT in SB, your periodic eBulletin from the Gay Santa Barbara Foundation highlighting events of cultural interest for members of the region's LGBT community and those who support us. Please feel free to forward this list of GSB produced or co-sponsored events to anyone you think might be interested.

In this issue:


1. GSB @ International Women's Day Celebration
2. GSB Launches Laugh OUT Loud! Comedy Series


3. Hades Begins 18+ Gay Night @ Zelo


4. The Gay Café Comes OUT of Storage
5. Upcoming OUTreach Events at California Prides and More
6. Santa Barbara Pride 2003

Be sure to check OUT our 2002 Year in Review issue: http://www.gaysantabarbara.org/OUTinSB/YearinReview.htm

GSB's eBulletin Sponsor of the Month is Toyota of Santa Barbara

Events like the Santa Barbara Pride Festival and GSB's other year-round efforts would not be possible withOUT the generosity of sponsors like Toyota of Santa Barbara. Please be sure to let Jim or Gina know how much their ongoing support is appreciated or click on the banner above to visit their website!


1. GSB @ International Women's Day Saturday, March 8th - 10 a.m. to Noon at the Arlington Theater, 1317 State Street

GSB will be staffing an OUTreach table at the International Woman's Day Celebration. Event cost is $10. Make checks to La Casa de Maria-GTWSB. Tickets are available at the Arlington Theater box office or call 963-4408. For general information, contact Arlene Stepputat: 682-1641. Karin delaPena, Artistic Director & Judi Weisbart, Organizer. In partnership with La Casa de Maria. Inspired by the global movement of http://www.gatherthewomen.org .

2. Laugh OUT Loud! with Vicky Wagner and Joe Delaplaine Tuesday, April 1st at Center Stage Theater in Paseo Nuevo Center. Opening reception @ 7 p.m. Performance @ 8 p.m.

The Santa Barbara New-press recently published a tremendous front-page article http://www.GaySantaBarbara.org/press.htm on Gays in the Military. The article leads off with the story of Vicky Wagner, lesbian comedienne extraordinaire and de-frocked soldier. Now Vicky joins us for a benefit performance on April Fools Day opening GSB's new comedy series, Laugh OUT Loud! Sharing the stage will be Joe Delaplaine, a gay comedian with a deep commitment to social justice. When not performing, Joe organizes peace marches and protests against homophobia and hate crimes. Join Vicky, Joe and your friends for a reception on the Art Bridge followed by a hilarious show.

Advance tickets available through TicketWeb http://www.ticketweb.com/user/?region=socal&query=schedule&venue=cstage or click on the TicketWeb logo on the GSB website http://www.GaySantaBarbara.org . $12 General Admission or $8 Seniors/Students/Disabled. All proceeds from Laugh OUT Loud! benefit the Santa Barbara Pride Festival. Pride 2003 is on October 11th.

Can't wait to find OUT who will be performing at our next Laugh OUT Loud! event? Keep checking our website http://www.GaySantaBarbara.org for updates!

Be sure to thank the many sponsors who helped make this event possible. Bud Light ~ El Prado Inn 1601 State Street ~ Hades Bar & Nightclub 235 West Montecito ~ Women's Sexuality Center 30 W. Mission St. Suite 8 805.563.1071 ~ Pascucci Restaurant 729 State ~ Three Dog Bakery 727 State ~ Nicky's Salon & Gifts 1315 Anacapa ~ Book Den 11 East Anapumu ~ Scavenge Gifts 418 State ~ Treat Hair & Body Essentials 25 East de la Guerra.


3. Hades Begins 18+ Gay Night @ Zelo Sunday, March 16, at Zelo's Nightclub, 630 State St.

Brought to you by your friends at Hades Promotions. Visit http://www.HadesSB.com for details.


4. The Gay Café Comes OUT of Storage

Last year, Team GSB earned thousands of dollars to help produce our cultural events and educational programs by selling coffee, iced blended mochas and strawberry pound cakes at local festivals. With the project as successful as it was last year and the equipment already paid for, we decided to more than double our efforts this year. Our tentative schedule for 2003 includes:

Be sure to visit the Gay Café in 2003 at these events and show your support for our year-round fundraising efforts. To see photos of the crew serving up mochas and smiles at Santa Barbara Pride and more, visit: http://www.GaySantaBarbara.org/press.htm .

Needless to say, this would not be possible withOUT a steady supply of volunteers. For those of you who slaved over a cold can of whipped cream to help make this possible in 2002 - THANK YOU AGAIN! For those of you who might like to join the fun and in the process, maybe even make some new friends, send an e-mail to: Cafe@GaySB.org to schedule some time behind the bar.

"Would you like that with whipped cream?"

5. Upcoming OUTreach events at California Pride Festivals and more

Besides the events we will be participating in with the Gay Café, GSB plans to promote the Santa Barbara Pride Festival and our other efforts at a number of other venues this year. Our tentative schedule for 2003 includes:

If you will be in the area at any of these times, please stop by to say hello. Perhaps you would you like to join us for a couple of hour shift? Send an e-mail to: OUTreach@GaySB.org .

6. Santa Barbara Pride 2003

Planning for Santa Barbara Pride 2003 is already well under way. This year's festival date also coincides with National Coming OUT Day on Saturday, October 11th - kind of like a Blue Moon - and we've made lots special plans to focus on such an important coincidence. Mayor Blum has once again agreed to join us and the list of special guests continues to grow. Check our website http://www.GaySantaBarbara.org for up-to-the-minute details, information on how to volunteer and of course, another year's worth of OUTstanding cultural events!

How is this all possible?

GSB is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) public benefit organization. Were it not for the generosity of our community members, both individuals and businesses, with volunteer hours and financial contributions, Santa Barbara Pride would not be taking place at all, nor would GSB be able to continue with our ongoing cultural programs.

Please be sure to let our sponsors know how much you appreciate their support with YOUR support - throughout the year. Visit our website for our list of sponsors, frequent their websites and their establishments and let them know how important their support is to our community.

If you are able to make a contribution to GSB of any amount (tax-deductible within current IRS guidelines) or volunteer your time, your support will go a long way towards sustaining our community building efforts. Send an e-mail to: Donate@GaySB.org or Volunteer@GaySB.org .

But least we forget, without the scores of selfless volunteers at Team GSB who put in countless hours throughout the year to help make this all possible, it couldn't have happened at all. Thank you ALL again!


Charles Rice
Executive Director
Gay Santa Barbara Foundation
Box 211 Santa Barbara, CA 93102
T: 805.962.1403
F: 805.560.8481
E-mail: CBRice@GaySB.org
SAVE THE DATE! ~ Santa Barbara Pride 2003 is October 11th!!!
E Pluribus Unum ~ OUT of many, One

Santa Barbara Pride is October 11th! Visit http://www.SBPride.org and keep up on the latest news and special guests!

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