Queer Gearheads Invade Santa Barbara!

On Saturday October 12th, 2002, the 2nd Annual Queer* Gearhead Invasion of Santa Barbara will take place in the historic the heart of the city, Plaza de la Guerra (or gay la Guerra for SB Pride Week!). Car and motorcycle enthusiasts of all persuasions are invited to participate in this - FREE - event, held in conjunction with the Santa Barbara Gay Pride Festival.

The theme is A TRIBUTE TO FRANK HERSHEY. This noted gay designer, artist and motorcyclist was responsible for OUTstanding classic models from the Duesenberg S-460, Silver Streak Pontiac, Cord L-29, Peerless 16 and many others including the first car in history with tail fins (and we all know how gay they got to be!), the '48/9 Cadillac. However, probably the most notable and arguably Frank Hershey's favorite design was the original, 1955 Ford Thunderbird.

If you are lucky enough to own one of these models, you may wish to display your pride and joy at this year's event. Premium parking will be made available on gay la Guerra Street for selected cars and motorcycles but space is extremely limited, especially for cars, so please contact the organizers ASAP for to reserve your space. There will be overflow parking (also FREE) available directly adjacent to Plaza gay la Guerra for as many additional cars as space permits but the lot is public and will fill early so please plan around that.

SB Pride weekend will kick off on Friday evening with a National Coming OUT Day rally, opening reception at the Gay Identity Art Show and finally the Pre Pride Party. Saturday will feature international foods, the (un)usual vendors, a beer garden, live entertainment from noon till dark, DJ's till 10pm and of course, the Official Post Pride Bash. For more information and continuous updates, please visit or call SB Pride Director (and Queer Gearhead) Charles Rice at 805.962.1403.

*Note: Queer need not only refer to sexual orientation. Merriam-Webster's dictionary also defines queer as: "differing in some odd way from what is usual or normal or absorbed or interested to an extreme or unreasonable degree." That certainly applies to a lot of car and motorcycle enthusiasts!


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T: 805.962.1403
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